Day 4

I switched to hot green tea from coffee this morning and it was fine. It might have to be my new morning go-to drink. Almond milk in coffee just isn’t cutting it…

Breakfast was meh… scrambled eggs with spinach, garlic, onion and green pepper. I don’t know if it was missing something or if I just don’t like spinach. Maybe both. Those puppies could have used some cheese.

Lunch was a new invention for me: chicken + tomato on lettuce wraps. Also kind of meh. Luckily my kids are being pretty chill about the whole mommy’s-making-us-eat-weird-stuff-where’s-the-dessert?

During naptime however, I pulled out my new cookbook Against All Grain. Y’ALL. I want to be Danielle’s real life BFF. Seriously, how cute is she? And you should read her story about combating serious health issues with diet! Amazing stuff, I tell ya.

1. This cookbook is gorgeous. Really, really lovely photos, layout, food, fonts– every.thing. Adore it all to pieces.

2. This book might be my saving grace for Whole30. Seriously I feel so inspired. I marked some a ton of recipes with post-its and I can’t wait to try them. She makes real looking food with Whole30 compliant ingredients! We will be eatin’ good these next 26 days! Tonight we did her Baked Chicken Strips. They are coated with coconut and my entire family downed them. We definitely will be making them again soon! I also whipped up some of her Breakfast Cookies for tomorrow morning, so I will report back about them after we chow down at breakfast. It’ll be nice to eat something besides eggs!

Dinner tonight: Baked Chicken Tenders + Fresh Green Beans + Fall Fruit Medley

Well, I’ve done 1/2 a week. I usually would reward myself with a cupcake, but tonight maybe I’ll just sneak one of the “breakfast cookies” instead. And pretend it has frosting.

FYI: I was not compensated in anyway to write about Danielle Walker’s cookbook, Against All Grain. I bought it myself a few months ago and am so impressed with it! It’s worth a buy if you’re interested in Whole30 or Paleo eating.


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